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Hyderabadi Entrepreneur Revives Tradition with Cast Iron Cookware


In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, many individuals found solace in reverting to traditional practices, especially in their culinary habits. Inspired by ancient wisdom, Ruchika Rathi, the founder of Aarogyam, has introduced cast iron cookware to modern kitchens, aiming to marry health-consciousness with contemporary cooking.

Rathi, hailing from Rajasthan and raised in Hyderabad, comes from a lineage deeply rooted in entrepreneurship, particularly in the cast iron business since 1991. Drawing from her family legacy and the resurgence of interest in health-centric living, Rathi embarked on her journey to reintroduce cast iron cookware through her brand, Aarogyam – translating to ‘Good Health’.

In a conversation with My Startup TV, Rathi shared her inspiration behind Aarogyam, emphasizing the significance of traditional cooking methods for overall well-being. Cast iron cookware, known for its durability and health benefits, aligns perfectly with the growing awareness of health-conscious consumers.

“Aarogyam products are designed to last for generations, offering natural non-stick properties without any toxic coatings. They distribute heat evenly, ensuring optimal cooking and promoting well-being,” Rathi explained.

Notably, cast iron cookware serves as a natural source of iron, making it particularly beneficial for individuals combating iron deficiency—an issue prevalent across millions in India, especially among women and children.

Despite the increasing awareness of health concerns associated with conventional cookware like aluminum and Teflon-coated utensils, Rathi acknowledges challenges such as the weight of cast iron, posing difficulty for some users, particularly the elderly.

However, she remains undeterred, focusing on innovation, customer education, and high-quality products to address these challenges. Rathi credits WE Hub for providing crucial support in brand awareness and networking, catalyzing the growth of Aarogyam.

Looking ahead, Rathi envisions Aarogyam becoming synonymous with cast iron cookware, striving to make it a staple in every kitchen—a testament to her commitment to health-conscious living and culinary heritage.

With Aarogyam, Rathi not only reintroduces cast iron cookware but also revives a timeless tradition rooted in health and sustainability, catering to the evolving needs of modern consumers.

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