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T.V. Mohandas Pai Advises EdTech Sector to Prioritize Value Creation


T.V. Mohandas Pai, a key figure in India’s business world, is stepping down from Byju’s advisory council, a big online tutoring company. But before he goes, he has some important advice for other companies in the education technology, or edtech, sector.

He says edtech companies need to focus on creating value for students. That means they should think about what they’re offering and why students should pay for it. Pai also suggests that these companies should form a group and make some rules for themselves to follow, rather than waiting for the government to step in.

Pai also talks about the importance of having good leadership and making sure everyone’s interests are protected, especially during tough times. He doesn’t directly comment on the controversies surrounding Byju’s, but he says that other startups also need to do a better job with things like following the rules and being transparent.

Experts agree with Pai, saying that startups need to be honest, transparent, and organized in their work. They also say that companies should focus on what students need.

Pai also talks about his venture capital fund, Aarin Capital, which is selling off its investments. Despite challenges in getting money from investors, Pai believes that things will get better in the future.

As Pai steps away from Byju’s, his advice serves as a reminder for the edtech sector to focus on doing good work and following the rules, even when times are tough.

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