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ISF’s International Startup Tour Receives Warm Welcome in New Jersey


Indo-American Entrepreneurs and Enablers Pledge to Strengthen Bilateral Ties

The International Startup Foundation (ISF) (International Festival) CXO Summit, jointly hosted by the Quality Engineering Foundation (QEF), kicked off with great fervor at Bell Labs in New Jersey. This historic venue, renowned for groundbreaking innovations like the telephone and UNIX language, provided an ideal backdrop for a day filled with stimulating discussions and valuable networking opportunities.

The day-long CXO Summit featured a dynamic startup pitch session, where esteemed C-level investors and mentors served as the jury panel. Entrepreneurs representing diverse sectors, including insurance, wealth management, and AI-driven real estate, showcased their cutting-edge ideas to a select group of high-net-worth individuals (HNIs) and angel investors from across the US. Additionally, nearly half a dozen meticulously curated local startups, predominantly revenue-positive, seized the opportunity to present their ventures to potential investors.

The afternoon session buzzed with excitement as startup founders passionately shared their visions for disrupting their respective industries. The event served as a vital platform for early-stage startups to forge connections with seasoned investors and explore avenues for growth and collaboration.

As the day progressed, the summit transitioned into engaging panel discussions led by leading American entrepreneurs of Indian origin, thought leaders, and industry experts. These discussions offered valuable insights, sharing experiences, and inspiring personal journeys of global business leaders.

The summit concluded on a high note with award ceremonies honoring outstanding leadership and CXOs for their significant contributions to the Indo-American entrepreneurial ecosystem. Sri Atluri, President, and CEO of Quality Engineering Foundation, stood among the distinguished individuals recognized at the summit for his exemplary leadership and industry contributions.

Expressing his satisfaction with the event’s success, Sri Atluri revealed plans for an expanded two-day event next year, reflecting the growing momentum and enthusiasm within the entrepreneurial community.

Dr. J A Chowdary, Chairman, and Founder of ISF, was honored with a lifetime achievement award for his remarkable contributions to the Indian IT industry in both India and the US. He encouraged attendees to dedicate one hour per week to nurturing the entrepreneurial ecosystem for the benefit of future generations of entrepreneurs.

Overall, the ISF CXO Summit emerged as a catalyst for inspiration, innovation, and collaboration, laying the groundwork for future initiatives aimed at fostering a dynamic ecosystem for entrepreneurship and growth. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting and enriching event!

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