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Acer India to Strengthen Local Manufacturing, Aims for Market Dominance in PCs


Acer India has announced plans to ramp up its local manufacturing operations while setting its sights on capturing a bigger share of the PC market.

Acer India, a major player in the technology industry, has revealed its intentions to increase the production of its products within India from the current 60% to an impressive 70%-75%. This move underscores the company’s commitment to bolstering local manufacturing capabilities, tapping into the potential of India’s growing market, and contributing to the country’s industrial growth.

Sudhir Goel, the Chief Business Officer of Acer India, shared insights into the company’s strategic objectives, highlighting a targeted expansion in the desktop segment. Currently holding a market share of around 25% in desktop computers, Acer India aims to elevate its presence to a commanding 30%, signaling its ambition to lead the PC market in India.

In addition to its focus on PCs, Acer India is branching out into the consumer electronics sector with the introduction of the Acerpure brand in India. Under this new brand, Acer will offer a range of household electronics including televisions, air purifiers, fans, and vacuum cleaners. This diversification strategy reflects Acer’s proactive approach to meeting the evolving needs and preferences of Indian consumers, positioning itself as a comprehensive provider of technology solutions for both personal and household use.

The expansion of local manufacturing and the introduction of new product lines demonstrate Acer India’s commitment to innovation and growth in the Indian market. By increasing its manufacturing footprint and offering a broader range of products, Acer India aims to strengthen its position as a leading choice for Indian consumers, paving the way for continued success and market leadership in the dynamic tech landscape of India.

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