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Uttar Pradesh Launches ‘Krishi Bharat’ Summit to Revolutionize Agriculture


The Uttar Pradesh government, under the leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, has initiated a transformative collaboration with the agriculture industry to invigorate agricultural startups and integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into farming practices. This strategic move aims to bolster the rural economy while fostering ‘smart farming’ techniques.

In a significant development, the state government is gearing up to host the inaugural edition of the global farmers’ summit ‘Krishi Bharat‘ in November 2024, in partnership with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). The four-day mega event, slated to take place in Lucknow, will witness the participation of delegations comprising farmers and agricultural experts from renowned agricultural nations such as the US, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Poland, France, Spain, Indonesia, and Kenya.

Inspired by the success of the UP Global Investors Summit (GIS) held in February 2023, which attracted over 19,000 investment proposals amounting to Rs 40 trillion, the state aspires to replicate this success in the agricultural sector. Despite being one of the leading agricultural producers, Uttar Pradesh faces challenges such as lower per hectare yield and sub-optimal food processing, resulting in reduced farm incomes and increased wastage.

Tarun Sawhney, Chairman of CII Krishi Bharat 2024, emphasized the summit’s role in showcasing agri startups, attracting foreign companies, and enticing global venture capitalists to invest in India’s agricultural value chain. With Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s unwavering support for agricultural initiatives, the industry is poised to witness significant strides towards fostering innovation and economic growth in the farm sector.

In addition to hosting the global summit, Uttar Pradesh plans to facilitate knowledge exchange by sending progressive farmers abroad to learn best agricultural practices. The state also aims to promote ‘agri-tourism’ by organizing field visits for foreign delegations to familiarize them with local farming techniques and allied activities.

With over 20 million hectares of net cropped area, accounting for nearly 85% of the state’s total landmass, Uttar Pradesh leads in sugarcane and dairy production. Paddy and rice dominate the state’s cropped area at 33%, followed by wheat, pulses, oilseeds, sugarcane, maize, and millets.

Furthermore, Uttar Pradesh boasts 88% of its landmass under irrigation, with tube wells constituting 70%, canals 10%, and wells 6.5%.

Madhav Singhania, Chairman of CII Northern Region, expressed the industry’s commitment to collaborating with the government and policymakers to address policy challenges and enhance technological advancements in agriculture. This concerted effort underscores Uttar Pradesh’s determination to revolutionize its agricultural landscape and emerge as a beacon of innovation and prosperity in the agricultural domain.

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