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AjnaLens Launches India’s First Make-In-India Mixed Reality Headset: AjnaXR


AjnaLens, a trailblazer in Extended Reality (XR) technology, has introduced India’s maiden Make-In-India Mixed Reality headset, the AjnaXR Pro. This groundbreaking achievement signifies a significant milestone for India’s technological landscape, positioning the nation alongside global giants in the technology sector.

The decision to shift manufacturing operations to India stems from the imperative to counteract the encroachment of foreign entities on India’s digital sovereignty. In response to the pervasive influence of foreign corporations over digital territories, AjnaLens recognized the need to safeguard India’s economic value, cultural identity, and national security.

By championing local innovation and manufacturing, AjnaLens aims to elevate India’s status from a mere participant to a leader in the global digital economy. The move not only fosters economic growth but also fortifies India’s digital defenses, ensuring the resilience of its infrastructure against external threats.

One of the primary objectives of AjnaLens’ “Make in India” initiative is to prioritize data security and privacy. By managing digital data within India and adhering to stringent data protection laws, AjnaLens ensures the confidentiality and integrity of citizens’ information, thereby upholding India’s cultural values and sovereignty.

Furthermore, AjnaLens’ innovative products, such as the AjnaXR Pro, underscore India’s technological prowess and commitment to self-reliance. These initiatives align with the national agenda of Atmanirbhar Bharat, fostering technological independence and liberating India from digital colonization.

AjnaLens invites all stakeholders to join hands in championing the ideals of Atmanirbhar Bharat and advancing towards digital sovereignty. Through collaborative efforts, AjnaLens envisions a future where India emerges as a self-reliant and digitally empowered nation, leading the way in technological innovation and independence.

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