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Bounce Infinity Launches Portable Liquid-Cooled Battery


Groundbreaking Collaboration with Clean Electric Sets New Standard for Performance, Safety, and Sustainability in India’s Electric Mobility Landscape

Bounce Infinity and Clean Electric have jointly unveiled a groundbreaking innovation in India’s electric vehicle (EV) sector with the introduction of the nation’s first portable liquid-cooled battery for electric scooters.

This pioneering technology, developed through collaboration between Bounce Infinity and Clean Electric, signifies a major leap forward in EV performance, offering extended range, rapid charging capabilities, and an enhanced battery lifespan. The innovation is embodied in the Bounce Infinity E1 model, which now boasts a real-world range of over 100 kilometers, with prices starting at Rs 99,210.

The new battery technology eliminates the reliance on fixed charging points by enabling rapid charging—up to 80% in under 50 minutes—using portable chargers compatible with standard household sockets.

Vivekananda Hallekere, CEO & Co-Founder of Bounce Infinity, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “This launch marks a pivotal moment for Bounce Infinity and the Indian EV landscape. Our liquid-cooled batteries are portable and can be conveniently charged at any standard 5 amp socket and fast charged at 15 Amp sockets found in every household, just like the ones used for appliances such as refrigerators and heaters. This, combined with fast charging, affordability, and sustainability, empowers individuals to embrace EVs and experience the freedom of electric mobility.”

Akash Gupta, CEO & co-founder of Clean Electric, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the collaboration’s significance in pushing the boundaries of battery technology to enhance safety and performance in electric scooters.

The liquid-cooled battery boasts a 2.5 kWh energy capacity, providing an impressive range of 112-120 kilometers on a single charge. It utilizes a fire-retardant liquid for heat absorption, reducing the risk of overheating—a common issue in high-performance EVs. The battery also incorporates advanced safety features, including cell and pack level fusing, active cooling, software safety protections, and a master-slave BMS architecture for redundancy, ensuring an unparalleled level of safety for riders.

Furthermore, the battery components are recyclable, aligning with global environmental standards, and Bounce Infinity and Clean Electric are actively developing the Long Range e1++ model, which is expected to double the range and offer compatibility with universal Type 6 Public DC charging standards.

Since its inception in 2021, Bounce Infinity has witnessed significant growth, selling over 10,000 scooters across major metros and rural markets in India. The introduction of portable liquid-cooled battery technology is poised to further accelerate EV adoption by enhancing user experience with its fast charging, affordability, and extended battery life.

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