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IIT Madras and Starburst Join Forces to Empower Aerospace and Defence Startups


A Game-Changer for Space Startups, Unveiled at IIT Madras Signing Ceremony.

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras has inked a significant Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with French aerospace firm Starburst Accelerator SARL to establish an innovation hub aimed at nurturing startups in the aviation, space, and defense (ASD) sector.

With a substantial funding corpus of 100 million euros, the accelerator program seeks to mentor and support emerging Indian startups in the ASD space, facilitating external capital raise, mitigating investment risks, and expediting development processes.

According to IIT Madras, the accelerator initiative will equip selected startups with essential business tools to scale their operations, foster export promotion, and facilitate access to international markets through Starburst’s global network.

The collaboration between IIT Madras and Starburst will see the establishment of a consulting team comprising IIT Madras alumni, seasoned military personnel, and expert consultants to guide and mentor startups in the ASD domain.

The initiative aims to drive innovation, develop new technologies and business models, and explore synergies within the broader ASD ecosystem. It will provide structured programs combining academic knowledge with practical startup guidance, including workshops, seminars, and mentoring sessions.

The MoU signing ceremony took place at the IIT Madras campus, graced by esteemed personalities such as Starburst founder and CEO François Chopard and IIT Madras Director V Kamakoti.

François Chopard expressed pride in collaborating with IIT Madras to cultivate a robust ASD ecosystem supporting innovation and production in India, catering to the evolving challenges in aerospace, new space, and defense globally.

Director Kamakoti emphasized the importance of nurturing young entrepreneurs to propel India towards its goal of becoming a multi-trillion-dollar economy, underscoring the significance of collaborations with accelerators to foster startups in critical and emerging sectors.

The partnership holds immense potential for space startups in India, providing them with access to mentorship, funding, and international markets. By leveraging Starburst’s expertise and network, Indian space startups can accelerate their growth trajectory and contribute significantly to the country’s space exploration and technology development efforts.

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