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MeitY Mandates Prior Approval for AI Products


Emphasizing ethical AI deployment and penal consequences for non-compliance.

In a significant development, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has issued a new advisory dubbed “Google Gemini Row,” requiring platforms to seek prior approval before launching AI products. The directive aims to regulate the deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies across various platforms.

Under the advisory, platforms are mandated to label under-trial AI models and ensure that no unlawful content is hosted on their sites. This move is intended to enhance transparency and accountability in the deployment of AI technologies, mitigating potential risks associated with their use.

Furthermore, the advisory warns of penal consequences for non-compliance with the directive, signaling the government’s firm stance on regulating the AI space to safeguard public interest and national security.

The issuance of the advisory comes amidst growing concerns over the unchecked proliferation of AI technologies and their potential impact on society. MeitY’s proactive approach reflects its commitment to establishing a robust regulatory framework to govern the development and deployment of AI solutions in the country.

This development also follows MoS Chandrasekhar’s recent announcement regarding the issuance of draft laws to regulate the AI space by June or July this year. The proposed legislation is expected to provide comprehensive guidelines for the responsible use of AI technologies, ensuring adherence to ethical standards and legal requirements.

As India continues to embrace AI-driven innovations across various sectors, MeitY’s advisory serves as a timely intervention to address emerging challenges and promote the responsible and ethical deployment of AI technologies for the benefit of society and the nation as a whole.

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