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Hyderabad Angels Launches INR 150 Cr Venture Capital Fund to Boost Early-Stage Startups


Hyderabad Angels introduces the maiden venture capital fund, aiming to fuel innovation in the early-stage startup ecosystem.

Hyderabad Angels, a prominent platform facilitating connections between angel investors and entrepreneurs with groundbreaking business concepts, has unveiled its inaugural venture capital fund with a corpus of INR 150 crore. The newly established Hyderabad Angels Fund (HAF), classified as a category I alternative investment fund (AIF), is poised to invigorate the early-stage startup landscape with substantial investment support.

According to a statement released on Monday (February 12), the Hyderabad Angels Fund (HAF) will initially feature an investable pool of INR 100 crore, with an additional greenshoe option of INR 50 crore. This strategic move underscores Hyderabad Angels’ commitment to fostering innovation and fueling the growth of nascent ventures in their crucial developmental stages.

The launch of the Hyderabad Angels Fund (HAF) signifies a significant milestone in the organization’s journey toward catalyzing entrepreneurial success and driving economic growth through strategic investment initiatives. By providing crucial financial backing and mentorship opportunities to emerging startups, Hyderabad Angels aims to nurture a thriving ecosystem conducive to innovation and sustainable business growth.

As the entrepreneurial landscape continues to evolve, Hyderabad Angels remains steadfast in its mission to support visionary entrepreneurs and groundbreaking ideas that have the potential to disrupt industries and drive positive change. The introduction of the Hyderabad Angels Fund (HAF) represents a concerted effort to channel capital into promising startups, enabling them to realize their full potential and contribute meaningfully to the vibrant startup ecosystem in India.

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