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Bengaluru’s Calligo Tech Set to Revolutionize High-Performance Computing with Posit-based Silicon


Industry Awaits Breakthrough in Computational Accuracy and Efficiency

Bengaluru-based semiconductor startup Calligo Tech is on the brink of unveiling its first silicon for general-purpose computing utilizing the alternative number system Posit, expected later this month, according to a senior company executive.

Posit, a system poised to redefine computational accuracy and performance, promises superior results for applications involving complex mathematical computations. Calligo Tech’s silicon-based accelerator card, eagerly anticipated by research institutes in India, Singapore, and beyond, marks a significant leap forward in computational efficiency and precision.

Vinay Hebballi, COO of Calligo Tech, emphasized the transformative potential of Posit in addressing critical issues such as rounding-off errors, particularly in industries like stock exchanges where computational precision is paramount. With Posit offering enhanced accuracy while requiring fewer computational bits, the potential for mitigating financial losses due to errors is substantial.

Anticipation is high as Calligo Tech gears up for the unveiling of its first silicon in February, followed by the introduction of the first accelerator board by July. The company’s pioneering hardware solution, coupled with ongoing collaborations with leading semiconductor companies, positions Calligo Tech at the forefront of innovation in high-performance computing.

As the company prepares for its next design and tape-out, Hebballi emphasized the importance of securing series A funding to support the design, development, manufacturing, commercialization, and volume production of their revolutionary silicon-based solutions. This effort is complemented by the support received from the central government’s design-linked incentive program, further bolstering Calligo Tech’s ambitious expansion plans.

Kalp Sridhar, CEO of Semiconductor Fabless Accelerator Lab (SFAL), underscored the significance of Calligo Tech’s silicon with posit computing capability, highlighting its endorsement by the posit inventor. With the potential to redefine computational precision and efficiency, Calligo Tech’s innovative strides represent a landmark moment in the realm of semiconductor technology, promising to unlock new possibilities in high-performance computing.

As Calligo Tech prepares to unveil its groundbreaking silicon solution, the industry eagerly awaits the dawn of a new era in computational excellence and innovation.

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