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Unleashing Future of Wearable Tech! Ai Pin challenges conventional smartphone with voice commands & a projector


Humane, the brainchild of former Apple employees Bethany Bongiorno and Imran Chaudhri, is poised to unveil its groundbreaking product, the Humane AI Pin, which is all set to begin shipping in March 2024. This much-anticipated wearable device promises to redefine the way we interact with technology, and its impending arrival is generating tremendous excitement among tech enthusiasts worldwide.

Bethany Bongiorno, one of the co-founders of Humane, announced, “I want to make calls, send messages, take photos, browse the web (ask anything!), listen to music, take notes and recall them, understand what’s nearby, speak and understand 50+ languages, and more – all while staying in the moment. The world of contextual computing, allowing you to literally use the world as your operating system, is one that will unlock incredible possibilities in the areas of health, retail, accessibility, gaming, social, and more. I can’t wait.”

The Humane AI Pin, priced at $699, challenges the conventional smartphone with its innovative design. It eschews a traditional screen in favor of voice commands and a projector that displays pertinent information directly onto the user’s hand. This distinctive approach, coupled with a strong emphasis on privacy and contextual intelligence, assures users of seamless access to AI-driven experiences and services.

Humane has forged strategic partnerships with tech giants including OpenAI, Microsoft, and Tidal, providing users with access to some of the world’s most potent AI models and platforms. Powering this revolutionary device is a quad-core Snapdragon processor, equipped with a dedicated Qualcomm AI Engine that drives its Cosmos OS software.

For those interested in acquiring the Humane AI Pin, pre-orders are currently available on Humane’s website. Additionally, the device offers a choice of three color options: Eclipse (matte black on black) priced at $699, Lunar (polished chrome on white), and Equinox (polished chrome on black) both priced at $799. To access cellular data, buyers are required to subscribe to a $24 monthly plan, as the device operates as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) on T-Mobile’s network.

Humane has also assured its early supporters that priority orders will be the first to receive their Ai Pins once shipping commences in March. Remaining orders will be processed in the order they were received, although specific shipping dates for these orders have yet to be disclosed.

As the world eagerly anticipates the debut of the Humane AI Pin, it is evident that this groundbreaking gadget is poised to usher in a new era of wearable technology, providing users with a unique and immersive experience unlike any other.

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