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Window 10 Operating System Will Turn 240 Mn PCs to Junk : Experts


Analysts have expressed growing concerns about the impending end of life for Windows 10, warning of a potential global torrent of electronic waste (e-waste). It is estimated that as many as 240 million PCs worldwide could be scrapped due to incompatibility with the upcoming Windows 11 operating system.

Research conducted by Canalys has shed light on the critical issue of device refreshes and raised questions about the responsibility of vendors to extend the life cycle of their products. The looming shift to Windows 11 has sparked discussions about the environmental impact of such a mass disposal of electronic devices.

One of the key concerns highlighted in the report is Microsoft’s current practices regarding Windows 11 device compatibility. Minimum system requirements for installing the new operating system on a PC have left many devices obsolete, potentially rendering them unusable and destined for the scrapheap.

Experts are urging individuals and organizations to consider alternative options before discarding their current devices. Recycling programs and initiatives aimed at refurbishing and repurposing older PCs could help mitigate the potential environmental fallout.

The surge in e-waste resulting from the shift to Windows 11 raises important questions about sustainable technology practices. As the global community increasingly focuses on environmental responsibility, the technology industry must also play its part in reducing its ecological footprint.

With the impending end of life for Windows 10, it is crucial that we consider the environmental consequences and explore innovative solutions to minimize the impact on our planet.

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