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Share of GenAI smartphones could double in 2024; shipments to exceed 100 million units


A report on Counterpoint Research predicts a significant surge in the shipment of Generative AI (GenAI) smartphones, with estimates exceeding 100 million units in 2024. This marks a substantial growth in the adoption of AI-driven devices, projected to reach an impressive 522 million units by 2027, boasting an 83% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Although GenAI smartphones currently occupy a modest 4% market share in 2023, this share is expected to double in the coming year.

While GenAI smartphones currently represent a small fraction of the overall smartphone market, the report underscores their potential for significant growth, anticipating increased enthusiasm and marketing efforts in the near future. An inflection point is projected for 2026 when GenAI smartphones are expected to permeate various price segments.

These GenAI smartphones distinguish themselves by leveraging Generative AI to create original content, setting them apart from devices that primarily offer pre-programmed responses or perform predefined tasks. Equipped with specific hardware specifications, they run size-optimized AI models natively.

Key areas of focus for GenAI smartphones include information provisioning, image creation, live translation, and personal assistant applications. Industry leaders like Qualcomm and Samsung are poised to be frontrunners, thanks to their existing product capabilities and offerings.

Emerging use cases for GenAI smartphones encompass personalized content creation, enhanced digital assistants with unique personalities and conversational styles, content recommendations, and more. This evolution represents a shift towards smartphones tailored specifically to run on GenAI models, unlocking new possibilities for user experiences.

The report underscores the ongoing transformation in the smartphone landscape, with AI capabilities taking center stage in shaping future device functionalities and user interactions.

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