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51% of Indians believe AI will enhance their workplace productivity, surpassing the global average of 31%


India Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey 2023 by PwC reveals that 51% of Indians believe Artificial Intelligence (AI) will enhance their workplace productivity, surpassing the global average of 31%. Notably, 62% of Indian respondents anticipate significant skill changes in their jobs over the next five years, in contrast to the global figure of 36%. Impressively, 69% of these Indian workers have insight into the expected skill shifts.

Kartik Rishi, Partner at PwC India, emphasizes the need for businesses to prioritize workforce transformation, aligning skills with future needs. He notes the urgency among Indian employees to upskill, making it a critical aspect of their career decisions.

However, 24% of Indians express concerns that AI might adversely affect their job roles, whereas globally, this apprehension is shared by only 14% of respondents. Additionally, 21% of Indian participants fear AI will replace their jobs, compared to 13% globally.

The report highlights that 42% of the Indian workforce is restless and likely to switch jobs in the next year, primarily seeking better compensation and promotions, compared to 26% globally. Surprisingly, 70% of Indian workers, compared to 35% globally, are proactive in seeking promotions. The study underscores the importance of addressing skill development not only among younger employees but also within management and senior executive roles.

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