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Historic Cadaveric Workshop Held in Gandhi Hospital, a Milestone for Government Hospital in Telangana


Cardiothoracic surgeons from across India participated in a Cadaveric Workshop held at Gandhi Hospital as part of the three-day IACTS CME Workshop organized in Hyderabad. The event began on December 7th at Gandhi Hospital and continued for two days, December 8th and 9th, at the MCR HRD Institute.

The Indian Association of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeons (IACTS) achieved a historic milestone by organizing a three-day workshop and CME, the first of its kind in Telangana government hospitals. The Government General and Chest Hospital (GGCH), Hyderabad, hosted this workshop, as did the CME.

The two-day Thoracic CME was held in a hybrid mode, featuring international experts like Dr. Hiroshi Date, who shed light on the nuances of Living Lobar Transplant. Well-known experts like Dr. Devi Shetty from Bangalore and Dr. Diego Gonzalez from Spain presented and shared their experiences on Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension (CTEPH) and uniportal VATS, respectively.

On the first day of the CME, a cadaveric workshop was held at Gandhi Hospital, Hyderabad, to train CT surgeons as part of the CME. The event commenced on December 7th at Gandhi Hospital and continued for two days, December 8th and 9th, at the MCR HRD Institute.

The inauguration took place on December 8th, featuring renowned CT surgeons representing the IACTS, namely President Dr. Lokeshwar Rao Sajja, Dr. Manoj Durairaj (Vice President), Dr. Jagannath (Executive Committee Member), Padmashree Dr. Prasad Rao, Mrs. Karuna Gopal, and a Kuchipudi recital by Ms. Jnanani Rao.

Delegates explored decades of collective expertise, sharing profound insights offered by seasoned surgeons. They trained with simulators to prepare for handling cutting-edge technology in bronchoscopy, video-assisted, and robotic-assisted thoracic surgeries using simulation models. They also received training in intricate lung transplant procedures using cadavers.

According to Dr. Anita Bhalla, the organizing secretary, this hands-on approach “provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of these pivotal procedures.”

Dr. Anita Bhalla, the organizing secretary, praised the workshop’s collaborative atmosphere, highlighting its pivotal role in nurturing innovation and expertise in cardiothoracic surgery.
Gratitude was extended for the meticulous planning and execution of the organizing committee, ensuring a seamless flow of events. Esteemed speakers significantly contributed, expanding perspectives by discussing advancements, challenges, and breakthroughs shaping the landscape of cardiothoracic surgery.

According to Dr. CS Hiremath, Secretary IACTS, the workshop’s influence is poised to perpetuate ongoing progress in cardiothoracic and vascular surgery, ultimately enhancing care for patients under their purview.

Dr. Rohan Reddy, Joint Organizing Secretary, added, “The event thrived on enthusiastic participant engagement, acknowledged as the cornerstone of its success, fostering an environment of shared knowledge and unity among both newcomers and seasoned experts.”

Dr. Abhijeet Dashetwar, treasurer, added, “The substantial support from sponsors and exhibitors underscored the event’s significance in advancing medical science, emphasizing the essential role of collective contributions.”

Participants also enjoyed various cultural and culinary delights from the land of the Kakatiyas and Nawabs, which were organised at the famous Bansilalpet stepwell.

The Indian Academy of Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgeons Association expressed profound appreciation to all contributors, envisioning a future enriched by the wisdom exchanged and networks forged during these enlightening days.

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