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6 lessons from the doyen of industry: Suhel Seth’s plain speak at DLC Hyderabad chapter launch


At an evening studded with businesspersons from Hyderabad’s top echelons, businessman and columnist Suhel Seth held forth on the importance of being direct when it comes to offering advise or consultancy to a client. Seth recounted his experience with industry titans just as JRD Tata and Mukesh Ambani among others to speak on a host of issues, like the essentiality of deriving inspiration from design elements found in Indian landscape and heritage to the habit of reading up one a book a day that he said Ambani regularly followed. Introducing Seth to the jam-packed Hyderabad audience of special invitees was Jimmy Mistry, a serial entrepreneur, designer, hotelier, adventurer, and real estate developer, who launched the Hyderabad chapter of the DLC Club. Seth said that any consultant should hold two pillars of consulting as sacrosanct: revenue and reputation, when advising a client.

Earlier in his keynote address, Dr JA Chowdary, founder and chairman of the India Startup Foundation, took the audience through the early stages of India’s IT revolution when he landed in Bangalore to initiate the launch of a US MNC’s India operations. 

S Balaji Reddy, Executive Director, Vamsiram Builders will head the south India chapter of DLC. Reddy talked of creating a Design Dity in Hyderabad that will set a benchmark in design with a plethora of facilities for designers, innovators and patent offices, all housed in one single City.

 Della Leaders Club (DLC), a business platform for global entrepreneurs, professionals, and young leaders, was founded by Jimmy Mistry. DLC is a highly curated technology-enabled global platform focuses on knowledge exchange, lifestyle guidance and social responsibility while building a support ecosystem for leaders globally. The platform provides access to first-degree connections and knowledge content from over 2,800 men and women of eminence across 26 domains, said Mistry. DLC Hyderabad hopes host six events per year in the city for its members.

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