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T-Hub Celebrates 8 Years of Innovation with Groundbreaking Initiatives and Key Partnerships


Hyderabad, November 16th, 2023 — T-Hub, India’s leading startup incubator, marked its 8th Foundation Day with a remarkable showcase of innovation and strategic collaborations under the theme “Infinite Innovation.” The event highlighted T-Hub’s commitment to shaping India’s entrepreneurial future through transformative initiatives.

Over the course of 8 years, T-Hub has been a catalyst in fostering entrepreneurship, contributing to a total investment of $3.5 billion in the startups it has nurtured. With over 600 corporate partnerships, 500 mentor connections, and engagement with more than 3000 startups, T-Hub has played a pivotal role in driving innovation in India.

Speaking at the event, Jayesh Ranjan, IAS Principal Secretary for Information Technology, Electronics & Communications (ITE&C) and Industries & Commerce Departments of the Government of Telangana, emphasized T-Hub’s pivotal role in contributing to the state’s vibrant startup ecosystem. He highlighted T-Hub’s contribution to the narrative of innovation and growth, shaping Telangana’s robust and globally competitive startup landscape.

At the celebratory event, T-Hub announced significant partnerships with industry giants CARE, Carrier Global, SIDBI, FalconX, KPMG, and the Association of Geospatial Industries (AGI). These collaborations span various sectors, including social business acceleration, design thinking infusion, cross-border startup support, investment ecosystem fueling, and innovation in geospatial and space-tech sectors.

Mahankali Srinivas Rao (MSR), CEO of T-Hub, who was the host at the event, said, “as we celebrate eight years of innovation, T-Hub remains committed to fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship and driving transformative initiatives. Over these years, T-Hub has been a catalyst for groundbreaking ideas, forging global partnerships, and cultivating a flourishing ecosystem. As we stand at this juncture, we reaffirm our commitment to catalyze transformative change, weaving a narrative of collaboration, innovation, and an entrepreneurial spirit that defines Telangana’s remarkable ascent in the startup landscape.”

The event saw the launch of two flagship initiatives – T-Bridge and T-Scale. T-Bridge, T-Hub’s International Wing, aims to facilitate global market access for startups. At the same time, T-Scale, in collaboration with Factoryal, guides 25 qualifying startups through a 12-month journey to achieve Series-A readiness. BVR Mohan Reddy, Founding Director of T-Hub, expressed pride in the journey of innovation and collaboration, acknowledging the success of T-Hub as a testament to the collaborative spirit among the state government, academia, and the private sector in Telangana’s startup ecosystem.

The event also featured an Innovation Showcase where T-Hub startups presented groundbreaking solutions. Recognizing excellence in eight categories, T-Hub honoured mentors, startups, corporates, investors, government bodies, international bodies, and ecosystem enablers.

The other distinguished guests who graced the occasion are Vamsi Reddy, Partner, Kaalari Capital; Raj P Narayanam, Executive Chairman and Founder, Zaggle, Sujith Jagirdar, CIO, T-Hub and Anish Anthony, CDO, T-Hub.

T-Hub, positioned as India’s largest innovation campus and an ecosystem enabler, remains committed to its mission of driving results and collaboration for entrepreneurs’ success. With a framework pivoted around the 6Ms and 2Ps, T-Hub continues to impact startups, corporations, and other innovation ecosystem stakeholders by providing access to technology, talent, mentors, customers, corporates, investors, and government agencies.

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