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Groundbreaking Fellowship Program grants hands-on Silicon Valley experience to five women entrepreneurs


Motwani Jadeja Foundation and TiE Women Unite for Three-Year Collaboration to the Fellowship program

Two leading global organisations join hands in a groundbreaking fellowship program to grant Hands-on experience to five Women Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.

The Motwani Jadeja Foundation, known for its dedication to propelling entrepreneurship, innovation, and societal impact, has announced a three-year partnership with TiE Women, an influential arm of TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs), globally empowering women entrepreneurs. This collaboration aims to foster gender diversity and equitable opportunities for women in their entrepreneurial journey.
Dharti Arvind Desai, TiE Women’s Founding Co-Chair, stressed TiE Women’s mission to embrace, engage, and empower women entrepreneurs globally, regardless of enterprise size, origin, or background. The program’s commitment to gender parity is backed by transparent metrics capturing impact and outcomes.

Leading this alliance on behalf of the Motwani Jadeja Foundation, Asha Jadeja will drive the sponsorship to support five TiE Women participants, granting them a rare, hands-on experience in Silicon Valley through the Motwani Jadeja Fellow program.

Asha Jadeja emphasised the historic nature of the India-America partnership driven by their shared commitment to democracy and freedom. She highlighted the crucial role of the technology sector in solidifying this relationship. She expressed particular delight in launching a Women’s Entrepreneurship program in collaboration with TIE Global, foreseeing its transformative impact for generations.

In a press release, TiE- -Mumbai said, “The synergy between TiE Women and the Motwani Jadeja Foundation is rooted in shared values and goals, deeply committed to nurturing entrepreneurship, innovation, and impactful change catalysed by women entrepreneurs.”

Highlights of this partnership include:

Support for Women-Led Startups: The partnering organisation shall mentor and assist women-led startups, providing crucial resources, guidance, and access to a global network of industry experts and investors.

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Enhancement: The collaboration focuses on fortifying the entrepreneurship ecosystem for women by linking them with mentors, investors, and vital support networks imperative for success. Dr. Sarita Ahlawat, Co-Founder of Botlab Dynamics and a recipient of the best B2B startup award in 2022, praised the mentors and the support system within the TiE Women program, which is crucial for an entrepreneur’s growth journey.

Global Collaboration: This alliance transcends borders, facilitating international opportunities for women entrepreneurs. Azima Dhanjee, Co-Founder of ConnetHear and recipient of the Motwani Jadeja Seed Grant, shared her profound experience as the 2022 TiE Women in Tech competition winner. She highlighted the competition’s role in showcasing the potential of disability tech and drew inspiration from the diverse community of women entrepreneurs.

About the Partners
The Motwani Jadeja Foundation, a not-for-profit global venture fund, strives to empower and support entrepreneurs, emphasizing impact investing in education, the Maker Movement, and women’s rights in South Asia.

This partnership between the Motwani Jadeja Foundation and TiE Women is poised to revolutionize the entrepreneurial landscape, ushering in a new era of empowerment, innovation, and global collaboration for women entrepreneurs worldwide.

About Asha Jadeja

Asha Jadeja is a Silicon Valley-based venture capitalist who has invested in over 200 technology startups in the Bay Area. As an entrepreneur herself, her investing philosophy is designed to ignite young entrepreneurs into becoming disruptive change makers.
As the founder of the Motwani Jadeja Foundation, Asha sets the direction, tone, and priorities for the foundation. In addition to the foundation, she has invested in over 200 technology startups. As a successful entrepreneur herself, her investing philosophy is designed to further support the foundation’s work, igniting young entrepreneurs into becoming disruptive change makers.

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