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Harmonising Success: The Entrepreneur’s Rhythm of Life


Life is what happens. We are innocent when we are born, but as we grow, we become conditioned by our surroundings. We aspire to achieve our dreams, but life doesn’t always grant us our wishes. We must make the most of what we have; life’s rhythm is the tune we must play.

So, what is the Rhythm of Life? 

According to the Oxford Dictionary, rhythm is a regular pattern of sound or movement. As humans, we must learn this rhythm, as conditioning often drowns out our inner voice. Nature follows its patterns faithfully.

This deep thought will focus on understanding this rhythm as a business entrepreneur.

The How?: Rhythm

When starting a project or business, choose something that genuinely interests you, not merely what everyone else is doing. Why? Because you will enjoy what you do, you can speak about it passionately. In the beginning, patience is 

crucial. It’s like shelling green peas; you put the peas in the bowl and remove the skin. At times, you may accidentally put the skin in the bowl. However, once you find your rhythm, it becomes second nature, much like your mom or grandma knitting while watching television.

Now, how does this apply to your enterprise? Concentrate on talking about your product sincerely. Your body language is powerful and can convey more than words. This is where choosing a business that genuinely interests you becomes valuable. Your conviction will shine through, and you must ensure your product remains consistent and exude confidence.

The rewards will come once you’ve sown the seeds and nurtured your relationships with your clients.

The Why?: Consciousness

You must take extra care to adhere to your processes. Once you have a commercial foundation for your product, it’s time to pitch consciously. Prices should be set at market value or slightly less. For instance, consider this:

Scenario 1: You price your product at ₹10, and 20 clients purchase it.

Scenario 2: You price it at ₹40, and only 05 clients buy it.

In both scenarios, the total sales are ₹200. However, in the first scenario, you have 20 clients with whom you can build a conscious rhythm for the future, while in the second scenario, you have only 5.

You’ve now achieved the Rhythm of Life and, secondly, the Conscious Drive.

The Now: Perseverance

Perseverance means not giving up and consistently putting in the effort required to achieve your goals.

In summary, RCP—Rhythm, Consciousness, and Perseverance—are the keywords for all entrepreneurs.

General- Rhythm, Consciousness, and Perseverance (RCP)

1. Even if you were previously a salaried employee and decide to start your venture, you should follow the same pattern: find your rhythm, act consciously, and persist.

2. For entrepreneurs inheriting a legacy from their ancestors, learn the new generation’s rhythm, adapt consciously to changing times, and never give up.

For all entrepreneurs, remember that the client is paramount. After a few years, there should be no difference in the product, no compromises made. The next generation should return to you even as times change.

Shiny and low-priced products may temporarily lure people, but they will return to you for well-maintained products with transparent commercial practices.

Always keep in mind the Rhythm, Consciousness, and Perseverance—RCP.

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