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Hyderabad Cycling Enthusiasts Organize Rally and Express Commitment to Spreading a Healthy Heart Message on World Heart Day


Hyderabad, India – September 29, 2023, “Reboot Your Heart” Inspires Healthy Living: Cyclists in Hyderabad pedal for heart health awareness, merging fitness and education, as Dr. Anita Bhalla leads the charge to a heart-conscious community!

Cycling enthusiasts of all ages gathered at the break of dawn at the local international sports store today to celebrate World Heart Day. The “Reboot Your Heart” event combined cycling, education, and awareness about heart health and was organized in collaboration with the Hyderabad Cyclists Group (HCG) and led by renowned cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Anita Bhalla. 

The event was supported by My Startup TV, a startup media company, and Laerdal Medical, a world-leading provider of training, educational, and therapy products for lifesaving and emergency medical care. The event aimed to promote heart health awareness through cycling and risk management through CPR training.

The day started with participants engaging in basic exercises to warm up before embarking on a short cycling rally. The event was a celebration of cycling and a platform for education on maintaining a healthy heart.

Dr. Anita Bhalla, a leading heart surgeon and Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery at a government hospital in Hyderabad, Telangana state, conducted CPR training sessions for cyclists of all ages who were part of the HCG. This hands-on training was a crucial aspect of the event, equipping attendees with the knowledge and skills to administer CPR in emergencies.

Ravinder Nandanoori, the founder of Hyderabad Cyclists Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the event and its pivotal role in raising awareness about fitness among cycling enthusiasts.

Dr. Anita Bhalla, sharing her insights on the benefits of cycling for heart health, highlighted how this activity could contribute to keeping one’s heart in top condition. She emphasized the importance of regular exercise and its positive impact on cardiovascular health.

Following the morning cycling schedule, participants enthusiastically engaged in CPR training sessions, where they learned how to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation effectively. My Startup TV interviewed several cyclists who expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to acquire this life-saving skill.

The enthusiasm for cycling and CPR training was noticeable among the participants, creating an atmosphere of solidarity and a shared commitment to heart health. A seasoned cyclist summed up the sentiment, saying, “Cycling keeps our hearts young and vibrant, and learning CPR ensures that we are prepared to help others when needed.”

The event not only celebrated World Heart Day but also brought together a community of cycling enthusiasts and healthcare professionals, underscoring the importance of physical activity and preparedness in maintaining heart health. With the Hyderabad Cycling Group leading the way, it was a day filled with both passion for cycling and a dedication to heart wellness.

As the participants pedaled away, they carried with them a renewed commitment to a heart-healthy lifestyle, positively impacting their lives and communities as ambassadors of good heart health practices.

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