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India Achieves Historic Victory: Bags First Dressage Gold at Asian Games


India’s dressage team clinched its first Asian Games gold, marking a historic win in equestrian sport. The quartet surpassed expectations, securing the top podium with 209.205 percentage points, ahead of China and Hong Kong. This victory ends a 41-year wait and promises a bright future for India in diverse sporting disciplines.

In a historic moment for Indian equestrian sport, the nation’s dressage team galloped to their first-ever gold at the Asian Games, marking the second medal in this discipline in India’s sporting history. The achievement has ended a 41-year-long wait for a top podium finish in equestrian events.

The quartet comprising Sudipti Hajela, Divyakriti Singh, Vipul Hriday Chheda, and Anush Agarwalla demonstrated impeccable synergy and skill, living up to the high expectations set for them. The team’s stellar performance in the selection trials had already spotlighted them as strong contenders, displaying scores that matched or exceeded those of the medal winners from previous editions of the Games.

The anticipation surrounding the Indian dressage team was not whether they would secure a medal but rather the color of the medal they would bring home. They emerged victorious by aggregating 209.205 percentage points, edging out formidable opponents, leaving China and Hong Kong trailing with 204.882% and 204.852%, respectively.

This groundbreaking achievement underscores a significant milestone in India’s equestrian journey, reflecting the relentless dedication, extensive training, and unwavering resolve of the athletes. The triumphant journey of the dressage team has not only brought laurels to the nation but also revitalized the spirit and passion for equestrian sports within the country.

The monumental victory has been widely celebrated, with congratulations pouring in from various quarters. It is hoped that this historic win will pave the way for future talents and inspire budding equestrians to pursue their passion and bring more accolades to the nation in this discipline.

This unprecedented achievement in dressage is a testament to India’s growing prowess in diverse sporting disciplines and promises a bright future for equestrian sports in the country. The whole nation basks in the glory of this remarkable achievement, looking forward to more such triumphant moments in the future.

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