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KaleidEO Leads Space Edge Computing from Bengaluru


Bengaluru’s KaleidEO, a subsidiary of SatSure Analytics, pioneers in space edge computing, extracting real-time insights from satellite images, marking a significant leap for India’s deep tech sector.

In an unparalleled advancement for India’s deep tech sector, Bengaluru’s KaleidEO, an arm of SatSure Analytics, has become the nation’s premier firm to implement edge computing in the vast expanse of space. Their notable achievement revolves around the real-time extraction of actionable insights from images taken by satellites.

Edge computing’s hallmark lies in its efficiency – processing data directly at the point of origin, sidestepping the conventional need for sending raw data to central hubs for analysis. This technology has been ubiquitous across various industries, from smart cities and utilities to retail. However, KaleidEO has transported its potential to a unique frontier – outer space.

This recent success bolsters KaleidEO’s stature in satellite image analysis in space. Further, it lends momentum to its forthcoming plans: the ambitious deployment of four Lower Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, all equipped with edge-computing capabilities, targeted for 2025.

Rashmit Singh Sukhmani, the technical mastermind at the company, shared, “Our newfound capability is set to revolutionize various sectors – strengthening national security, augmenting real-time disaster management strategies, and reshaping the entire lifecycle of satellite data, from its collection and processing to its downlink.”

Furthermore, KaleidEO has expanded its technological repertoire with specialized edge algorithms. These tools are designed for tasks as diverse as cloud detection, mapping road networks and buildings, water body identification, and change detection. 

Highlighting the significance of indigenous space tech capabilities, Lt Gen (Retd.) Anil Kumar Bhatt of the Indian Space Association mentioned the strategic importance of retaining control over such crucial technologies, especially in critical scenarios like wartime.

This milestone was achieved through a collaborative endeavor. Uruguay-based Satellogic provided the imagery, while Australian firm Spiral Blue furnished the hardware and algorithmic support. Notably, a novel engineering approach was adopted, enhancing data processing speeds by an impressive 80%. The challenges of handling expansive high-resolution imagery didn’t deter KaleidEO.

Arpan Kumar Sahoo, KaleidEO’s Chief Operating Officer, expressed, “Our innovations not only amplify India’s stature on the global tech stage but also fortify decision-making processes across sectors.”

Looking ahead, KaleidEO’s team is prepping for aerial tests of its high-resolution optical and multi-spectral payload slated for October. A successful run would be the precursor to manufacturing satellites for launches in the subsequent year.

Having launched in 2017, SatSure recently announced a Series A fundraising round closure at $15 million, with a significant allocation for KaleidEO’s groundbreaking projects. The financial round witnessed participation from banking giants and venture capital enthusiasts.

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