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Hyderabad’s Product Leaders Forum 2023: A Nexus of AI and Innovation


Hyderabad’s Product Leaders Forum 2023 concluded, highlighting collaboration, GenAI’s industry impact, academia’s tech role, AI challenges, and PLF’s vision for student-driven chapters. India’s product innovation future shines bright.

Hyderabad’s Product Leaders Forum 2023: The Confluence of AI, Innovation, and Future Visionaries

Amidst Hyderabad’s dynamic skyline, the esteemed Product Leaders Forum (PLF) 2023 recently concluded, marking a potent combination of the industry’s brightest minds, emerging startups, and academia’s torchbearers. This forum was a testament to collaboration and innovation in product development and the intriguing world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) themed around “Building The Products For Future”

The inauguration, led by T-Hub’s CEO, Srinivas Rao Mahankali, and ADP’s VP, Ranjan Aggarwal, set the event’s tone. They emphasized the transformative potential of AI and technology, a sentiment echoed throughout the day by various other speakers.

Dr. Arun Raghunathan, the revered Director of PLF, took the stage. His address was a vision statement, revealing PLF’s ambitious plans to expand its footprint through student-driven chapters across the country. His announcement bolstered PLF’s commitment to nurturing and guiding the upcoming generation of product leaders.

Prof. Ramesh Loganathan Head of CIE, IIITH, Hyderabad was among the event’s key highlights. His keynote on “Building the Products of the Future” was more than just a talk; it was an insightful journey. Prof. Loganathan explored the nuanced intricacies of forward-thinking in product innovation, challenging attendees to anticipate and design for tomorrow’s ever-evolving needs.

Krishna Chaitanya from Zapero AI further delved into the transformative wave, shedding light on GenAi’s pivotal role in sectors, notably its profound influence on the textile industry. On the academic spectrum, Saisatish Vedam emphasized the synergy between academia and the tech industry, while Dr. Y Raghu Reddy of IIITH presented a deep dive into AI, advocating for a balance between tech proficiency and understanding consumer nuances.

The day also witnessed in-depth panel discussions, notably the “Real-world AI Applications” session. Moderated by Sree Lata Shankar, this discussion pooled insights from diverse sectors, presenting a comprehensive view of AI’s real-world implications.

Following another enlightening discussion on skills for the “GenAI Era,” Chandra Sekhar Sarmah stepped up. He elaborated on the essence of a thriving product management community, accentuating its role as the backbone for nurturing innovation.

Practical learning was a cornerstone of PLF 2023. A hands-on workshop orchestrated by ServiceNow experts broke down the nuances of “Harnessing GenAI,” offering attendees a blueprint to leverage GenAI for transformative product innovations.

The event reached its zenith during the startup pitch session. Contrary to prior reports, seven dynamic startups, took to the stage, each vying for the spotlight with their innovative propositions. This segment, adjudicated by an astute jury from T-Hub and RealPage, exemplified PLF’s spirit – a fervor for innovation and excellence.

In the final moments, Rajagopala Udupa of ServiceNow encapsulated the day’s essence and discussions. His words served as a beacon, illuminating the path forward in product innovation and AI’s ever-changing landscape.

Reflecting upon the Product Leaders Forum 2023, it was evident that this wasn’t just a conference. It was an intellectual odyssey – a confluence of ideas, aspirations, and visions for a future where product innovation and AI walk hand in hand. Attendees left invigorated, equipped with insights and connections to navigate the challenges and embrace the opportunities of tomorrow.

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