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What Do The Cards Say for Entrepreneurs this September


TarotScope By Jyoti Kerkar. Jyoti Kerkar is a Freelance Creative writer, Storyteller, and Business advisor.

  • Aries

The cards indicate a positive gain from your hard work. Things should be going well on your business front. Take stock of your business to date and focus your energies on achieving your goals.

  • Taurus

The card indicates to be cautious, don’t make hasty decisions, and if in partnership be ready to debate for your position.

  • Gemini

The card indicates a difficult choice, you are in a situation where you cannot make decisions. Try to get more facts and weigh the pros and cons carefully before moving forward.

  • Cancer

The card indicates a successful business empire, respect the older and wise person’s view as he will give practical advice. Going well.

  • Leo

The cards indicate you are contemplating adding innovative ideas as you are not happy with the current situation. It warns you to make prudent plans and be smart about your money.

  • Virgo

The card indicates that you are putting too much focus on your money and materialistic matters and not concentrating on activities that matter. Be decisive and realistic.

  • Libra

The cards indicate good opportunities are coming your way. It may also indicate you may be doing good in a creative field and will be inspired too.

  • Scorpio

The cards indicate business must be good , you must be motivated , energetic, and rearing to go. You are confident and think wisely before you act . Financial gain is seen.

  • Sagittarius

The card indicates a warning, go slow, think twice before taking any business decision, and keep major decisions later. Take stock Work actively. Don’t invest more money at all.

  • Aquarius

The cards indicates Time to go slow, and Business loss indicates, taking good stock of your financial position . Remember this is a temporary phase and do not lose your confidence.

  • Capricorn

The cards indicate A good stable business, if you are in the creative field indicates unexpected success. For financial gains think out of the box. Be focussed.

  • Pisces

The cards indicate you should stick to the conventional way of business , don’t take risks, do not try new methods now, and keep going with the best traditional way of business.

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