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A Candid Chat with Sky Root’s FounderPawan Kumar Chandana


On the sidelines of SmartIDEAthon 2023, held at GITAM University, Hyderabad, Major Sunil Shetty from MyStartup TV spoke to Pawan Kumar Chandana, the man behind Sky Root. Pawan highlighted the big impact of teachers, India’s cool space wins, and how startups grow and face challenges.

Major Sunil Shetty: The students were spellbound listening to you earlier. I think one notable aspect you touched upon was the impact of a teacher on your life. Would you elaborate?

Pawan: Yeah, absolutely. In my journey, my teachers played a major role. That’s what I conveyed today. The message was that the right guidance can lead to a promising future. And given we’re at a university, this message is significant for both students and educators.

Major Sunil Shetty: I’d love to hear your thoughts on India’s recent space achievements, especially the lunar landing. 

Pawan: It’s a proud moment for every Indian. I was watching it live, and it was a moment of immense pride. Achieving a landing on the South Pole, especially as the first in the world to do so, is commendable. It highlights the incredible journey of our scientists over the last few decades. Moreover, achieving this mission at such a low cost compared to global standards speaks volumes about India’s capabilities.

Major Sunil Shetty: From your experience with space agencies, would you recommend aspiring space entrepreneurs gain experience before embarking on their ventures?

Pawan: So, it’s about personal choice. Today, even without experience, someone can start a company, given the vast resources and information available. However, while it might not be necessary to gain prior experience, it’s often safer to do so. 

Major Sunil Shetty: Reflecting on today’s event, combined with the recent achievements in space, it feels fortunate. What message would you like to convey to GITAM and students?

Pavan: First, kudos to GITAM for organizing this event. My message is to always aim high and think big. India has vast potential, and I genuinely believe the next century will be dominated by our achievements. There’s no limit for the youth in our country.

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