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Bharat Pitchathon 2.0 in Bhubaneswar: Celebrating the Spirit of Entrepreneurship


Bhubaneswar, popularly known as the ‘Temple City of India’, recently played host to one of the country’s most awaited entrepreneurial events, the Bharat Pitchathon 2.0. This rendezvous, held on 26th August at Hotel Suryansh & Resorts, Chandrashekharpur, showcased the fusion of traditional ethos with modern entrepreneurial zeal.

Organized by AIC-Nalanda, an eminent business incubator supported by prestigious entities like AIM, NITI Aayog, and Startup Odisha, the Odisha edition of Bharat Pitchathon 2.0 lived up to its lofty reputation. The event was a part of the flagship initiative of the Headstart Network Foundation and promised a day brimming with innovation, networking, and knowledge-sharing.

Startups Take Centre Stage

A palpable excitement filled the air as the day unveiled the final round of pitching. Here, the top 9 startups of the Bharat Pitchathon 2.0 Odisha Edition showcased their revolutionary ideas, seeking both validation and investment. Every pitch was meticulously scrutinized by an eminent jury panel of four members, each one a stalwart in their own right. Among these were Mr. Amit Singal of Fluid Ventures, Mr. Abhishek Kakkar representing Indian Angel Network, Mr. Aaquib Hussain from Free Flow Ventures, and Mr. Tushar Vadera from the Headstart Investor Circle. 

The vast potential of these startups, combined with the wisdom of the jury, made for a thrilling atmosphere. At the conclusion of the pitches, participants were felicitated by the Headstart Network Foundation, recognizing their commitment to pioneering change and innovation in their respective sectors.

Bridging the Gap: The Startup Open House

One of the standout segments of the day was the “Startup Open House.” This session provided an invaluable platform for burgeoning startup founders to voice their queries, concerns, and aspirations. The event also highlighted the Bhubaneswar Chapter of AIC-Nalanda’s Angel Investment Mantra, which drew numerous Local High Net-worth Individuals (HNIs), industry experts, and representatives from top-tier Venture Capital firms. The discourse and discussions here underlined the symbiotic relationship between startups and investors and the shared vision they hold for a progressive India.

Inculcating Entrepreneurial Spirit: The Junior Entrepreneurs Edition

Perhaps the most heartwarming and inspiring segment of the day was the inaugural Bharat Pitchathon 2.0: Junior Entrepreneurs Edition. This initiative spotlighted the top 5 teams of Young Innovators from the Atal Tinkering Labs (ATLs) in Bhubaneswar. These spirited youngsters, equipped with their ingenious creations, took to the stage, presenting a convincing case for their potential to reshape India’s entrepreneurial landscape.

Special accolades were in order for Sarthak Mishra from DAV Public School-Unit 8, who bagged the top position, and Subhankar Das from DAV Public School-Chandrashekharpur, who secured the Runners Up position. Their triumphs underscored the limitless potential that India’s youth possesses.

Empowering Conversations: The Founder’s Meetup

As the day neared its conclusion, 40 startups from the vibrant Odisha startup community converged for the Founder’s Meetup. This segment featured candid discussions on vital topics like initial funding, understanding D2C startups, and a formula for success in the D2C sector. The event culminated in a relaxed networking Hi-Tea session, creating an environment ripe for collaboration and growth.

Reflecting on a Day of Triumph

The success of Bharat Pitchathon 2.0 in Bhubaneswar was not just the result of one organization’s effort but a collective endeavor. AIC-Nalanda, in association with partners like Fluid Ventures, Free Flow Ventures, Utkal Chamber of Commerce & Industries Limited, Typof, and MyStartupTV, seamlessly orchestrated an event that promises to inspire numerous startups in future editions.

In retrospect, the 26th of August in Bhubaneswar was more than just an event. It was a testament to India’s entrepreneurial spirit, an endorsement of the belief that ideas have the power to shape futures, and a declaration that Bhubaneswar, with its rich heritage, is ready to carve a niche in India’s startup saga.

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