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Millet Magic: Revolutionizing Health with an Innovative Idea


Karnataka’s Innovative Company Gains Momentum in Revolutionizing Health

An organization from Karnataka is revolutionizing the health and wellness industry with its innovative millet-based products. In this interview, MyStartup TV spoke with their representatives who highlighted the diverse range of offerings, from the Jeeni Millet Healthy Mix for adults to products catering to women, children, and infants. They emphasized affordability and their commitment to making millets accessible to all. The representatives also shared insights into their meticulous production process, which involves traditional methods like sun-drying and roasting in clay pots to retain maximum nutritional value. With positive responses at expos and visits from esteemed officials, their mission to promote healthier lifestyles through millets is gaining momentum.

Q: Can you tell us about the different products you offer?

Sure! We have a range of millet-based products catering to different age groups. For adults, we have the “Jeeni Millet Healthy Mix” product. We also have the “Women Strong” product specifically designed for women’s health. For children aged 2 to 12 years, we offer the “Junior” product. Additionally, we have the “Jeeni Infants” product for babies aged 6 months to 2 years. Apart from these, we also offer other products like “Jeeni Millet Milk Powder.” In Karnataka, we have introduced products like “Jeeni Raju Dosa Mixer,” “Jeeni Millet Dosa Mixer,” and “Jeeni Millet Chapati Mixer.” We have many more plans in the pipeline to expand our millet-based offerings.

Q: Are your products affordable?

Our main focus is on promoting the health benefits of millet rather than just sales. While the cost of millets has increased in recent times, we believe that as more people start consuming millets, the demand will increase, leading to increased production and potentially lower prices. Currently, our flagship product, Jeeni Millet Traditional Mix, is priced at ₹396 for a can that provides 60 glasses (250ml each), which is enough for a month when consumed twice a day. Each glass costs ₹6. Considering the numerous health benefits and the replacement of tea or coffee, we believe our products offer good value.

Q: Can you explain the process involved in making your products?

Certainly! Our products, such as the Jeeni Millet Healthy Mix, consist of nine types of millets, 15 types of healthy cereals, and pulses. We follow a traditional approach in their preparation. Firstly, we soak the millet and other ingredients in water for a minimum of 9 hours. After soaking, we dry them in the shade and expose them to sunlight for about an hour. Next, we roast them in clay pots to ensure their nutritional value is preserved. Roasting in steel or aluminum vessels may result in nutrient loss. Once roasted, we grind the mixture in a stone mill and package it without any chemicals. This traditional method helps retain the nutritional benefits of the millet.

Q: What is your production capacity?

Currently, we have 400 employees working at our plant in Sira taluk, Tumkur district. Of these, approximately 150 employees are involved in the roasting process, and around 50 women have been specifically trained for roasting in clay pots. We prioritize women’s empowerment and provide opportunities for them to be a part of our workforce. Our production capacity is approximately 6,000 kilograms per day.

Q: How has the response been to your products at the expo?

The response to our products at the expo has been fantastic. We have received positive feedback and witnessed a high level of interest since the beginning of the event. Notably, the Health Minister of Telangana State and the Energy Minister visited our store, showing their support and appreciation for our millet-based products. We are grateful for the positive response and the opportunity to spread awareness about the health benefits of millet.

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