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Telangana Government: Unprecedented Success, National Role Model – Vishnuvardhan Reddy


Dr. E Vishnuvardhan Reddy, the IFS Special Secretary for Investment Promotion and NRI Affairs and Joint Managing Director of TSTC, delivers the inaugural speech at The Industrial Innovation & Technology Expo – 2023, organized by the Federation of Telangana Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FTCCI). The event takes place from June 28th to June 30th, 2023, at the Hitex Exhibition Centre in Hyderabad. Reddy begins by congratulating FTCCI for bringing this big show together in a very short span of less than 3 months. He acknowledges the impressive exhibition and the international participation it has attracted. It is a matter of pride for everyone. 

Reddy highlights the significance of the exhibition as this year Telangana government is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the state formation. He believes this is another area of pride that everyone should acknowledge. The government of Telangana has achieved unprecedented success across all sectors, making it a role model for the entire country. Reddy encourages everyone, regardless of their affiliation with Telangana, to take pride in these achievements. 

He emphasizes the responsibility of showcasing these events not only to the rest of the country but also to the world. The time has come to showcase Telangana’s achievements. Reddy mentions Telangana’s remarkable achievement of achieving 100% piped water distribution to all houses in the country, a feat unmatched by any other state in independent India. Telangana has made significant progress in water, power, resources, and employment, across various sectors such as agriculture, IT, and industry. Reddy believes it’s time to celebrate these achievements.

He expresses gratitude to the industry and IT stakeholders who have supported the government’s endeavors. Industry associations like FTCCI have played a vital role in bringing all stakeholders together. Reddy is pleased that the expo has been conceptualized and executed in record time. 

Reddy then moves on to discuss the theme of innovation at the expo. Telangana government has made significant advancements in creating a world-class innovation ecosystem, from startups and entrepreneurship to social and rural innovation. They have established infrastructure and institutional frameworks to support innovation in various areas. Reddy emphasizes the importance of promoting job creators and ensuring that the benefits of innovation reach all sections of society. 

He concludes by stating that innovation is not limited to technology or IT processes. The government’s three mantras, as highlighted by the honorable Minister Get Ramana, are innovation, infrastructure, and inclusive growth. Reddy points out innovative governance practices, such as the TS iPass policy, which allows industries to start operations from day one without unnecessary permissions. He believes that innovation is crucial for all spheres of socio-economic activity and encourages both startups and traditional industries to incorporate R&D and compete globally. Telangana’s goal is to become a knowledge economy. 

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