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SolutionBuggy digitising the MSME consulting space


SolutionBuggy is India’s largest consulting firm in the manufacturing sector having a team of 10,000 industry experts. SolutionBuggy assists manufacturing industries by implementing growth plans in areas such as technology upgradation, new product development, market expansion, etc. We also handhold new entrepreneurs planning to enter the manufacturing industry by providing assistance in every step from product conceptualisation to commercialisation. We have successfully completed more than 3000 projects across India. 

Arjun Bharadwaj, founder has a vision to digitise the MSME consulting space by providing a wide array of services under one roof for manufacturing industries. In India, as manufacturing industries are unorganised, he started SolutionBuggy and reached MSMEs through the online platform and solved their technical and business challenges to help them grow as market leaders. 

Arjun Bharadwaj writes as follows to an interview with MyStartUp TV

You are in the manufacturing consulting space- tell us how does solutionbuggy creates value for manufacturers and consultants? 

It is very difficult for manufacturing industries to find solutions for their unique challenges and requirements. SolutionBuggy analyses the needs and challenges of industries and works closely with them to develop customised strategies that drive results. We help manufacturing industries to capture huge market share by implementing proven business strategies we have tried and tested by completing more than 3,000 projects successfully. Our platform also enables consultants to get verified MSME projects according to their skill sets and domain. 

What kind of solution do you provide for someone planning to enter manufacturing sectors?

We help entrepreneurs interested to enter the manufacturing industry by hand holding them from business ideation to product launch. We conduct market research and identify potential business opportunities according to the entrepreneur’s passion, location and budget. With a team of 10,000 industry experts we provide a wide array of services such as detailed project report, product development, raw materials procurement, machinery installation, plant layout design and many more services all under one roof. 

How is it advantageous or beneficial to use your service? 

We have massive experience working with plenty of manufacturing industries and we understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by industries in depth. Our services help industries to grow their revenue at a rapid pace by helping them to expand into new markets, upgrade technology, reduce cost of operation and improve their overall business performance. As industries get all the services at one place, there will be no constant hunt for consultants for each requirement. 

Through some light on the sector’s solution buggy works in?

SolutionBuggy offers consulting services to all sectors of the manufacturing industry such as food, chemical, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, electronics, packaging, cosmetics, machine tools, renewable energy, aerospace and defence industries. 

Are your services affordable especially for Startups wanting to enter into manufacturing? Tell us about your costing structure for providing services ? 

Yes, definitely our services are affordable for startups and small entrepreneurs. There are plenty of consulting firms in the market which serve Fortune 500 companies and other large scale enterprises. However, it is very difficult for MSMEs to find the relevant expert required to address their technical and business challenges. SolutionBuggy is particularly dedicated to small and medium scale industries in the country. 

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